Publishing in Your Library: Defining Purpose, Policies, and Practices

Session Type: Presentation

Session Description
Publishing in libraries seems to be everywhere these days – from university press collaborations to public libraries providing self-publishing services. All of these programs are making content available in new ways, but they vary widely in how they go about it. In part, this is because of the idiosyncratic way library publishing has developed in response to local needs; but it also reflects a variety of different goals. This working session will help attendees think through the purpose of their publishing program – whether it is well-established, newly-created, or just a dream – and how that purpose informs their policies and practices. The facilitators will lead a discussion on different models for staffing, infrastructure, funding, outreach, and more, all in the context of supporting program mission. They will then guide participants in creating a resource for identifying stakeholders and appropriate strategies for engaging them. The working session will provide an opportunity for members of the community to share their expertise and learn from each others’ experience, while continuing the discussion on library publishing from the last two Forums.

Session Leaders
Melanie Schlosser, The Ohio State University
Amy Buckland, McGill University
Katherine Skinner, Library Publishing Coalition
Sarah Lippincott, Library Publishing Coalition

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