Testing Omeka for Core Digital Library Services

Session Type: Presentation

Session Description
The Omeka web publishing software has been successfully used for a wide variety of digital exhibits and digital humanities initiatives. These valuable sites have often been implemented as standalone initiatives, however, heavily tailored towards an individual project’s needs. As academic libraries seek digital library infrastructures that are sustainable, scalable, and easy to maintain, a number of them are testing Omeka as a platform for hosting a variety of disparate projects within a single technical infrastructure.

This panel will bring together speakers from the libraries at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Indiana University, the Ohio State University, and Duke University to discuss their pilot testing of Omeka through various formal and less formal means. Through a moderated, interactive question and answer format, speakers will address the goals of their respective Omeka pilots, the structure of the experimentation they have done, lessons learned, and any plans that they have developed for
turning pilot tests into fully supported production services. A representative from the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University will draw threads from the various presenters together and discuss future development directions for Omeka that will advance its utility for multi-project production environments.

Session Leaders
Jenn Riley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Patrick Murray-John, Center for History & New Media
Leslie Barnes, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Will Cowan, Indiana University
Tschera Connell, Ohio State University
Melanie Schlosser, Ohio State University
Will Shaw, Duke University

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