What’s Holding Us Back: Honest Conversations about Starting and Sustaining New Projects

Session Type: Presentation

Session Description
Let’s have an honest conversation about developing and successfully completing a technical project from the perspective of administrators, project managers, subject librarians, and project developers. We’ll explore points of failure and success, touching on issues of organizational culture and change.

The panelists will represent the real practical and political considerations in an academic library environment. We will talk about many of the issues you run against when you start a new project.

  • How do you integrate new priorities into established workflows?
  • How do you manage across differing units (within and without of the library)?
  • How do you find the time and resources to coordinate a complex digital project?
  • How do you get folks to understand the importance of metadata before it’s too late?

We will hear from panelists at different levels of an organization convey their respective concerns, frustrations and needs. This panel will provide a valuable learning experience for creative staff at any level of an organization.

The idea for this panel was created by the Taiga Forum (http://taiga-forum.org/), a leadership community of library professionals at the AUL/AD and equivalent level.

Session Leaders
Ann Frenkel, Taiga Forum
Jennifer Vinopal, New York University
Mike Furlough, Pennsylvania State University
Harriett Green, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bess Sadler, Stanford University

View the community reporting Google doc for this session.

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