Tales from the Cloud: Experiences and Challenges

Session Type: Working Session

Session Description:
Through the course of developing and working with cloud-based solutions for the purpose of digital object preservation, we have learned some very practical lessons. There are many advantages to be gained from leveraging cloud services, but along with the benefits come additional considerations. Cloud storage comes with a different set of inherent characteristics than traditional file systems, and with these come a differing set of strengths and weaknesses. The focus of this Working Session is to delve into first hand experiences of cloud-adoption, the decisions that led there, migration strategies and considerations, and a variety of technical implications of cloud usage in a preservation context. The platforms that will be most focused on are Duracloud, Chronopolis, OpenStack, and Amazon’s S3 services.

Session Leaders:
Bridger Dyson-Smith, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Declan Fleming, University of California, San Diego
Ryan Steans, Texas Digital Library
Andrew Woods, DuraSpace

Session Notes:
View the community reporting Google doc for this session!

Session Slides:

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