Semantic Web SEO for Digital Libraries

Session Type: Workshop

Session Description:
Google, Bing and Wolfram Alfa are bringing a new level of sophistication to Internet search as they begin to emphasize semantic content over basic keyword indexing. Some of the results can already be seen with Apple’s introduction of Siri and Google’s rich snippets. This workshop focuses on the concepts and tools needed by collection managers, library metadata catalogers and IT staff to begin increasing the reach, access and visibility of digital libraries in the Semantic Web paradigm. The workshop will also prove useful to anyone making or justifying funding and resource allocation decisions related to the digital library.

Semantic Web SEO is characterized by a number of concepts that help achieve the goals of increasing library reach by making digital collections more accessible and visible. Intelligent search engines will seek and utilize well-structured linked data that improves processing efficiency and the ability to return more accurate results and a richer search experience for users. Semantic search places less importance on the wording of a query and uses probabilities and algorithms to determine intent of the user. In this workshop we demonstrate how linked data concepts and can be incorporated into digital libraries to improve search engine contextual understanding of collections and deliver a better experience to their users.

SEO requires tools to measure the effect of your efforts and the value it produces. We will provide a framework and a Google Analytics Scorecard that digital repository collection managers, libraries and their funders can use as a baseline for making informed decisions and tracking progress toward the goal of increasing access and visibility of digital libraries.

Attendees of this workshop will gain knowledge in the following areas:
1. A basic understanding of Semantic Web SEO and its two most important concepts for digital repositories.
2. A baseline Google Analytics dashboard to support pre/post funding decisions and the knowledge to get started
3. Simplifying the setup and administration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster for their entire organization and their stakeholders
4. A basic understanding of how to incorporate and linked data into a digital repository

Session Leaders:

Kenning Arlitsch, University of Utah
Patrick OBrien, University of Utah

Session Notes:
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Session Slides:

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