Digital Preservation BootCamp and Workshop

Session Type: Workshop

Session Description:
The long term retention and permanent access of digital content is a challenge faced by organizations of all sizes. Digital preservation has become the general descriptor but what does that include and what are the critical elements that should be considered when collection sizes are growing rapidly, technology change continues to drive obsolescence yet authenticity and permanence of digital collections may be required.

This session is geared for those who want to delve into a technology-oriented workshop and want to walk away with an understanding of digital preservation techniques and fundamental steps that can be taken to preserve content made up of many content types including thesis and dissertations, image collections, web harvests or A/V, GIS and other formats.  

A discussion on prevalent standards and long term preservation approaches will be discussed including normalization, migration and emulation.  Also the option of using the cloud has become a consideration where the need for your own infrastructure and budgets are minimized but where does it fit and how would it be used is included. Demonstration and actual examples will be used wherever possible and at the end of this session you will be able to engage with stakeholders and technologists to discuss the critical functions to be considered in digital preservation implementations. A special section on building requirements will be included to enable attendees to develop requirements that can be used to capture and describe your institution’s needs.

Session Leaders:

Mark Evans, Tessella
Mike Thuman, Tessella

Session Notes:
Contribute to the community reporting Google doc for this session!

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