Developing a Content Management System for a Federated Digital Library Using Open Source Tools

Session Type: Presentation/Panel

Session Description:

This part of the session will overview experiences encountered in the development of an open source digital library content management system at the University of Kentucky Libraries. An overview of the content management system will be offered along with a demonstration of unique features including a custom interface for fully digitized archival collections involving Encoded Archival Description (EAD) and the system’s ability to ingest the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) data set.

Over the last thirteen years, the Kentucky Digital Library, managed by the University of Kentucky, has grown in size and membership to include archives, special collections, public and private libraries from across the state of Kentucky. In 2010, the University of Kentucky embarked on an ambitious initiative to create a new content management system for a diverse set of complex digital library resource types in order to replace an abandoned DLXS system supported through the University of Michigan. Some of the primary goals were to allow for much greater scalability, searching across all resource types, allowing for enhanced functionality and integration of modern data management technologies, and offer a greater level of adaptability and functionality than available proprietary solutions. We wanted a system that could easily move forward with technology rather than hold us back.

We will also discuss opportunities for distribution of the software for adoption and use by other entities. Attendees will also be introduced to a demonstration of the current, largely automated loading process for digital library content and will have an understanding of how this new content management system supports mass digitization initiatives.

Session Leaders:
Dr. Michael Slone, Digital Library Services, University of Kentucky
Eric Weig, University of Kentucky

Session Notes:
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