Bibliographic Framework Initiative: Update, Initial Model, Tools, and How You Can Participate

Session Type: Short Presentation

Session Description:
The presentation will be divided into two sections. The first will begin with a general update about the Bibliographic Framework Initiative. The second will be devoted to showcasing the various tools, services, and code developed and made available for evaluation, testing, and experimentation by the community during this initial stage.

The general update about the Bibliographic Framework Initiative will include work and progress since the Library’s update at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim in June. At ALA Annual, Eric Miller, who is president of Zepheira, the organization contracted to set the initiative solidly on its course, outlined a number of objectives during this initial phase. Among many, the two most relevant outcomes will be an evaluation of current efforts to model library data in Resource Description Framework and the presentation of a draft model for community appraisal and on which to further build.

Because an open process is desirable and expected, it is anticipated that the community will already have seen both of these important contributions, but this presentation will provide an opportunity to go into greater detail, present the outcomes as a cohesive whole, and explore the ramifications and future directions stemming from the initial stage.

The second part of the session will focus on demonstrating the code, services, and tools developed and published in support of this stage. This opportunity will allow demonstration of how these components can be used locally, to hear how best to augment existing services, and to learn, from those already experimenting, of their experiences with the offerings.

Although this will not be a hands-on session, it is hoped that attendees will be able to return to their home institutions with a clear idea of how they can put the code, services, and tools to immediate investigation. Substantial time will be reserved for questions.

Session Leaders:
Kevin Ford, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
Uche Ogbuji, Zepheira LLC
Nate Trail, Library of Congress

Session Notes:
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Session Slides:

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