Linked Data: Hands on How-To

Constellation E: Tuesday, November 1, 2:00 – 5:00PM

In order to ensure this workshop is meaningful for participants, attendance will be limited to no more than 30 people.

We propose to facilitate a ‘hands-on’ workshop in which participants can gain direct experience working with their collection data as linked data sets.

Bring an Excel spreadsheet or other file containing your collection data and a laptop prepared to jump in elbow to elbow with colleagues who want to learn more about LOD in a fun, low key, collaborative way. Don’t have collection data you can bring? That’s ok! We’ll supply 2-3 sample data sets to choose from to experiment on locally.

We will attempt to package everything in a way that if connectivity is sparse the workshop can proceed on your laptop and you will go home with material for future experimentation.

Targeted Learning outcomes: Understand how institutions can…

  • express collection data as Linked Open Data according to LOD ontologies/schemas from
  • use and/or create schemas on
  • process LOD collections in Refine and index them in Freebase
  • consume LOD via Exhibit and/or Omeka/other tool of choice

This is designed to be an ~3 hour introductory workshop.

Session Resources

Hands-On Tutorials

Sample Data Sets

Session Leaders

Richard Rodgers is head of Software Development at MIT Libraries. His library career has involved technical and community work on institutional repositories (DSpace committer), semantic web tools and infrastructure (MIT SIMILE project), and cloud- and grid-based services, among others. Before that, he worked in private industry in many software engineering capacities.

Kris Carpenter-Negulescu leads a team responsible for developing open source tools used to browse, search, mine & replay archived web content and for delivering web archiving, data mining, hosting and access services to memory institutions around the globe. Kris represents IA on the International Internet Preservation Consortium steering committee and serves as co-chair of the IIPC Access Working Group. Kris received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Behavior (an interdisciplinary program in Sociology/Industrial Engineering/Business) from Stanford University.

Matt Zumwalt (Media Shelf LLC)

Susan Chun (Cultural Heritage Consulting)

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