Announcing Publication of the NDSA’s 2017 Fixity Practices Survey

Earlier this year NDSA requested your participation in a survey about your institution’s current fixity practices.  The NDSA Fixity Survey Working Group is happy to announce the publication of the 2017 Fixity Survey Report. The report summarizes the results of the 2017 survey, including both broad trends and detailed information captured in the survey about respondent’s fixity practices.  The Fixity Survey Working Group would like to thank the 89 organizations who took the time to complete the survey and provide the community with information around these issues.

The report and survey data is available on the Fixity Survey’s OSF page.

The 84% of respondents who utilize fixity information provided details about when and why fixity is checked, the amount of content that is being managed, if hardware or software is being used for fixity checking processes,relationships between cloud services and individual fixity practices, and more.  

Questions or comments can be sent to the Working Group at

Future work to develop case studies around individual organization’s fixity practices is expected.  If you are interested in activities like this, or in joining with other organizations committed to the long-term preservation of digital information?  Get involved with NDSA yourself at:   

The NDSA Fixity Survey Working Group

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