DLF + HBCU Library Alliance

DLF is pleased to be in partnership with the HBCU Library Alliance on a number of projects.


“The HBCU Library Alliance is grounded in the richness of experience and contributions of African Americans to history and culture. In the spirit of community, an authentic partnership initiated by the DLF is evolving, guided by mutual respect, mutual benefit and common ground.” — Executive Director, Sandra Phoenix


Past and ongoing initiatives

2018-2021: The Authenticity Project

Thanks to the generosity of the IMLS, DLF and the HBCU Library Alliance will award 45 year-long fellowships to HBCU librarians over the coming three years. Authenticity Project Fellows will participate in mentoring, networking, and professional development programs with representatives of Alliance and DLF member organizations, have the opportunity to apply for microgrant project funding, and be fully funded to attend the DLF Forum in their fellowship years.
  • Read the first press release about the program!
  • Visit the program page for upcoming opportunities to participate as a mentor, conversation partner, or fellow.



2017-2018: DLF HBCU Forum Fellowships

As part of the Pre-Conference initiative in 2017 and then again in 2018, fellows from HBCU libraries received support to attend the DLF Forum.


2017: Liberal Arts Colleges + HBCUs Pre-Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

In 2017, DLF hosted the Liberal Arts Colleges + HBCUs Pre-Conference preceding its annual Forum. During the daylong meeting, our communities met to explore the potential of digital libraries as common ground and digital library-based pedagogy as common mission among our memberships.The event was supported by IMLS grant #RE-87-17-0079-17.



Feedback & Suggestions

We warmly invite your feedback on further possible areas for collaboration between the HBCU Library Alliance and the Digital Library Federation. Whether you come from one of the membership organizations, represent another potential partnering group, or are just an interested individual with ideas to share—please get in touch using the form below!