2016 Forum Fellows Text

Together with our generous sponsors and partners, the Digital Library Federation again offered a number of fellowship opportunities meant to enable attendance of a more diverse and inclusive group of practitioners at the 2016 DLF Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our Forum Fellows’ presence greatly enriched conversations there.

Click on a Fellowship title to meet the 2016 awardees!

ARL+DLF Forum Fellows

  • Tatiana Bryant
  • Hoan-Vu Do
  • Marge Huang
  • Cat Phan
  • Adam M. Townes

DLF Students & New Professionals Fellows

  • Cameron Cook
  • Megan De Armond
  • Nik Dragovic
  • Alissa Matheny Helms
  • Audrey Sage
  • Camille Thomas

Library Juice+DLF Forum Fellow

  • Laura Capell

Kress+DLF GLAM Cross-Pollinator Fellows

  • Sherri Berger
  • Brenna Campbell
  • Lisa Goldberg
  • Stacy R. Williams
  • Karina Wratschko

Force11+DLF Cross-Pollinator Fellow

  • Hue Thi Pham

AMIA+DLF Virtual Cross-Pollinator Fellows

  • Sarah Barsness
  • Ethan Gates
  • Lorena Ramerez-Lopez
  • Rachel Mattson

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