Forum Planning Committee

It was wonderful to have the biggest response yet to our call for Forum Planning Committee volunteers! The following people are serving on some combination of our Program, Inclusivity, Social, Sponsorship, Scholarships, and Local planning subcommittees. Thank you all — and more good folks, in untold ways– for helping to shape the DLF Forum 2016 with your time, energy, and expertise.

2016 Forum Planning Committee Volunteers:

Volunteer Affiliation
Laurie Allen University of Pennsylvania
Rachel Appel Bryn Mawr College
Cathy Aster Stanford University
Courtney Becks University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amy Bocko Emerson College
Cindy Boeke Southern Methodist University
Amy Buckland University of Chicago
Kevin Butterfield University of Richmond
Jonathan Cain University of Oregon
Laura Capell University of Miami
Dawn Childress UCLA Library
Shannon Davis Washington University in St. Louis
Rachel Deblinger UC Santa Cruz
Eleanor Dickson University of Illinois
Amanda French Virginia Tech
Anne Gaynor University of Virginia Library
Alexander Gil Columbia University
Ann Hanlon University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Julie Hardesty Indiana University
Christina Harlow Cornell University
Carrie Johnston Bucknell University
Jasmine Jones Smith College
Julie Kane Washington & Lee University
Carol Kassel New York University
Francis Kayiwa Virginia Tech
Alix Keener University of Michigan
Drew Krewer University of Houston
Brianna Marshall University of Wisconsin-Madison
Patricia Martin California Digital Library
Anna Michelle Martinez-Montavon University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Gabrielle Michalek Carnegie Mellon University
Steve Morris North Carolina state University Libraries
Jeremy Myntti University of Utah
Jane Nichols Oregon State University Libraries & Press
Angel David Nieves Hamilton College
Beth Oehlerts Colorado State University Libraries
Erin Pappas Georgetown University
Treshani Perera University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Christie Peters University of Kentucky
Cat Phan University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kristen Regina Philadelphia Museum of Art
Michele Reilly Central Washington University Brooks Library
Shilpa Rele Loyola Marymount University
Matt Roberts UC Irvine
Barbara Rockenbach Columbia University
Jason Ronallo North Carolina state University Libraries
Doralyn Rossman Montana State University
Chelcie Rowell Wake Forest University
Beth Russell New York University Abu Dhabi
John Russell Penn State University
Hannah Scates Kettler University of Iowa
Yasmeen Shorish James Madison University
Daniel Sifton Vancouver Island University
Jason Simons Hamilton College
Laura Smart UC Irvine
Todd Suomela University of Alberta
Krystal Thomas Florida State University
Stewart Varner University of North Carolina
Tatjana Versaggi SUNY Albany
Amanda Visconti Purdue University Libraries
Cecily Walker Vancouver Public Library
Helene Williams University of Washington iSchool
Liz Woolcott Utah State University
Cynthia York Johns Hopkins University
Frederick Zarndt Global Connexions / Digital Divide Data