These are the latest publications we’ve highlighted in the DLF news stream; just click on a headline for more information. If there is an publication you think the rest of the community would like to know about, please email it to us for consideration. Thanks!

  • New CLIR/DLF publication series – “Ruminations”

    CLIR/DLF announce a new publication series, Ruminations. The series will feature short research papers and essays that bring a new perspective to issues relevant to planning for and managing organizational and institutional change in the evolving digital environment for scholarship and teaching. We inaugurate the …

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  • CLIR publication highlighted at 2011 Code4Lib

    Mark Matienzo‘s presentation “fiwalk With Me: Building Emergent Pre-Ingest Workflows for Digital Archival Records using Open Source Forensic Software ” featured a recent CLIR report, Digital Forensics and Born-Digital Content in Cultural Heritage Collections. For more information about the presentations at the 2011 Code4Lib conference, …

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