Program Director

The program director sets the goals and strategic direction of the DLF program within the context of the CLIR organization. The director manges the program’s activities and finances, facilitates information sharing among community members, communicates about the DLF and its activities to the broader community, establishes external alliances, and recruits new members. The DLF program director reports to the president of CLIR and the CLIR Board of Directors. In addition, the director seeks guidance and advice from the DLF Advisory Committee. The CLIR staff assist the director in developing communication structures, such as the DLF web site, and provide other expertise as needed to support DLF program activities.  The director works collaboratively with CLIR staff to organize and conduct program activities.

DLF Advisory Committee

The DLF Advisory Committee serves the DLF community by providing guidance to the director. It meets twice a year and provides recommendations for DLF program activity and initiatives.

Matters brought before the Advisory Committee for discussion include budget, strategic activities, and past performance. The Advisory Committee members are appointed by the CLIR president and the DLF director, with approval of the CLIR Board. Advisory Committee members’ terms are for two years. Beginning in 2011, three positions on the Advisory Committee will be appointed by community vote.

DLF Liaisons to the CLIR Board

The DLF liaisons are current CLIR Board Members who serve as a bridge between the CLIR Board, the DLF Advisory Committee, and the DLF director. Liaisons advise the CLIR Board on issues relating to the DLF strategic plan, program direction, community issues, and membership fees.