DLF Forums

DLF Forums currently convene once a year and include digital library practitioners from DLF member institutions as well as those interested in joining the DLF community. Forums serve as a meeting place, a marketplace, and a congress. As a meeting place, the forum provides an opportunity for people involved with DLF initiatives to conduct their business and present their work to the broader membership. As a marketplace, it provides an opportunity for practitioners to share experiences and practices and to support a broad level of information-sharing among professional staff members. As a congress, it provides an opportunity for the DLF to review and assess its programs and its progress on the basis of input from the broader membership community.

2013 DLF Forum

The 2013 DLF Forum will be on November 3–6, 2013 in Austin, TX. Visit the 2013 DLF Forum page to keep posted about event activities and how you can contribute.

Past Forums