DPLA Content & Scope Workstream

About the Content & Scope Workstream

The Content & Scope workstream is part of the grassroots community collaboration working towards creating a workplan and prototype for the Digital Public Library of America. There are six workstreams. The Conent & Scope workstream consists of collaborators, or “conveners,” from all over the country, with a variety of interests and specializations. Conveners will help draw in participation from their respective communities.

As stated on the DPLA Content & Scope webpage:

“This workstream will identify content and articulate a collection development policy for the DPLA by confronting questions regarding management of and access to distributed materials, research, and data curation. It will undertake research that is relevant to core objectives, collect data concerning how many books and other materials exist in US libraries and their copyright status, and conduct analysis of already-digitized collections in the US and abroad. It will also work with the Technical Aspects workstream to recommend guidelines on bibliographic data, metadata, interoperability, and international cooperation. Questions to address include the creation of data models and how best to address user-generated, local, historical, and other largely non-commercial forms of content.”

Our Role

Digital Library Federation Director, Rachel Frick, is co-chair the Content & Scope workstream for the Digital Public Library of America. Digital Library Federation Program Associate, Jena Winberry, will also provide support as workstream coordinator.


10/21/11: Digital Public Library of America Plenary Meeting
2/2/12: 1st Content & Scope Workshop
4/27/12: DPLA West
8/6/12: 2nd Content & Scope Workshop
10/12/12: DPLA Midwest
2/28/13: Final Content & Scope Workshop

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