DataCurationNow is a new type of online publication, based on the PressForward.org platform. The focus of DataCurationNow (DCN) will be to identify and disseminate the “gray literature” of white papers, project reports, and online writings that are so important to the field of digital libraries, providing a new publication model for emerging, practice-oriented fields. In general, the focus is on digital curation topics, as they relate to (digital) libraries’ organization and practice, paying particular attention to research data, and its effects on existing service models.

Estimated publication date is April 2012. Please check back for updates!


Editorial Board
Martha Anderson, Library of Congress
Scott Brandt, Purdue University
Patricia Cruse, UC3, California Digital Library
Lee Dirks, Microsoft
David Minor, San Diego Supercomputer Center & University of California San Diego
Joyce Ray, University College London & Johns Hopkins University
Sarah Shreeves, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Editor in Chief
Rachel Frick

Editors at Large

Bill LeFurgy
Erin Sackett-Hermann
Jena Winberry
Michael Witt